"With unbelievable vocal range, writing ability, and a wealth of studio and live experience, Lorraine Lawson is a lock for international success."
D. Breithaupt, National Post.

Lorraine Lawson's debut album was recorded in 2000. Her hit single, "If I Could," received video play and major-market CHR and AC airplay from coast to coast. And Canada took notice. The National Post ran a front-page entertainment story hailing Lawson as one of Canada's hottest emerging stars: "Lorraine is making her big break into the pop mainstream." In addition to print media, Lorraine appeared on national television programs noteably Canada AM, TSN's Off the Record, CTV's, Open Mike with Mike Bullard and as a vocal coach for Popstars "The One".

In 2001, Lorraine was approached by Somerset Entertainment to record a CD of jazz and pop standards for the Avalon label entitled Quiet Nights. "I studied Jazz Performance in college and was thrilled with the opportunity to sing some of my favourite songs." The resulting intimate and sultry CD is still in print in over 20 countries. The promotional tour took Lorraine as far as Tokyo.

Inspired by her time in Japan, Lorraine stepped away from the recording industry to expand her performing career and take stock of her personal life: “Meeting people from other countries and experiencing other cultures, has always provided me with a sense of perspective, insight and growth. Combining my love for travel with my love for music has been a gift." Lorraine has performed in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Highlights have included representing Canada in a cultural festival held in Beijing, New Years Eve at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and entertaining the Canadian Armed Forces in Labrador and the far north.

Lorraine's songs have been featured on several television shows, including Cardcaptors, Queer as Folk and Popstars. She has performed her original material at SAC's Blue Bird North and other high-profile songwriting showcases.

Lorraine's dream to write and record her own material was reawakened last year. "This can be a difficult industry," she says. "There are many obstacles. My fears challenge me every day. Yet I'm no longer afraid to move beyond those fears. 'Dare to Dream' is the title of one the new songs on this project, and it reflects my own journey of letting go and creating a space for possibility."

"It is only a matter of time before Lorraine finds the wider audience that she deserves," says Richard Mills of S.L. Feldman & Associates. That is exactly what Lorraine aims to do with her new material; she gathered her musician, producer and songwriting friends together to make an album everyone would be proud of. "The end result far exceeded my own expectations," she says.

Award-winning recording engineer John Bailey says, "In Canada's fine tradition of world-class female artists, Lorraine is AC's next sweetheart." Lorraine Lawson has never sung better. Her wealth of experience, boundless energy and commitment to making a difference with her music create a solid platform for success.


"Canada's Mariah Carey..."
Deirdre Dolan - National Post

"Lorraine Lawson is a gem in the Canadian music scene."
Amy Sky - Recording Artist/Award Winning Songwriter

"Wow! What a set of PIPES!!! She can sing..."
Tarzan Dan - CHUM 104.5FM

"Lorraine is the girl next door with real sex appeal."
Shelagh O'Brien - Director (YTV - CHTV - CBC)

"Great Voice!"
John-Paul Gasparrelli - Musical Director/Conductor "O" Cirque du Soleil