L Lawson Entertainment

L Lawson Entertainment is committed to providing a variety services that support artists in the pursuit of their careers.

Vocal Coaching – Coaching artists to develop their own personal authentic sound, whether they are preparing for the studio or for live performances. We work on being able to deliver a dynamic, emotionally engaging vocal performance by developing vocal hooks, melodically, rhythmically and lyrically. The goal is to deliver this consistently…every time the artist is asked to sing.

Performance Coaching – Working on body awareness, physical confidence, stage presence, general choreography/staging, microphone technique, developing compelling show start to finish.

Workshops – Leads workshops in Performance, Studio Singing and Contemporary Vocal Technique.

Vocal Producing – Preparing the artist for studio sessions. Coordinating with producers, engineers, record labels and/or artists directly to achieve the projects objectives and ensure a smooth process in doing so. Capturing an authentic and passionate lead vocal performance, arranging, and if needed sing, back ground vocals and deliver final vocal masters.

Booking Agent – Books entertainment for corporate and private clients as well as providing singers for various live performances and studio recordings.

Developing Artists – Builds on the artist strengths, helping find a direction by first discovering and encouraging songwriting often by collaborating with other writers and producers who will then help define a musical sound for the artist. Advising artists and families on music business strategies and help formulate a plan for achieving artist goals.

Vocal Exercises
for the Contemporary Singer

Many of my professional and aspiring professional students asked me to put together a CD of my exercises. "Vocal Exercises for the Contemporary Singer" is my first in a series of CD's I plan to produce. When used correctly, students can use to practice with at home, in the car or warm up before a show or a recording session.