Dare to Dream

download 1. Let's Think It Over
download 2. Thinking of You
download 3. Release
download 4. Empty Sky
download 5. I Decide
download 6. Unsaid
download 7. With You
download 8. Rules of the Game
download 9. Dare to Dream

Quiet Nights


download 1. When I Fall in Love
download 2. It Had to be You
download 3. Waiting in Vain
download 4. My Romance
download 5. Corcovado
download 6. Autumn Leaves
download 7. This Masquerade
download 8. My Funny Valentine
download 9. Beautiful Love
download 10. Still Crazy After All These Years

If I Could


download 1. If I Could
download 2. Do
download 3. Let's Go
download 4. How Do I Let You Go
download 5. Close To You
download 6. That's Why
download 7. Wanna Find Love
download 8. Say Goodbye
download 9. Ain't Gonna Beg
download 10. One Moment
download 11. You Believe